Joining Up

Become one of the Team

The best way to see what we do is to come along and give it a go! Parents of children and young people who are interested in trying out Joeys, Cubs,  Scouts or Venturers should first contact our Leader in Charge Cam via the contact form.

Kids trying out can come along for two weeks before registering - parents can either stay with their children for the first visit or two, or leave their child for the session - provided they leave contact information with the leaders, of course. Leaders must also be informed if their are any health issues with the child, if they are to be left in the care of the Group.

After two weeks, children may only attend if their parents have given the leaders a "Y4" form. While there are a number of good reasons why the leaders need the Y4 form, one of the most important is that children will not be covered by the insurance provided by Scouts after the first few visits without it.